New smart phone app to help reduce worker injuries.

McNab launched “Look Out for your Mates” today, a smartphone app designed to increase workplace health and safety hazard reporting on its work sites.

Hazards and near-misses are traditionally under-reported in the industry, because once a potential issue has been addressed on site, workers are often focussed on the job at hand rather than filling out lengthy reporting paperwork.

The smartphone app developed by McNab attempts to overcome this issue by enabling workers to simply photograph and report the issue straight from their smart phone.

McNab Managing Director, Michael McNab, said there is a strong link between reporting on lead indicators like hazards  and reducing workplace injuries.

“The goal is about identifying trends before they injure someone, and with better quality reporting we can implement safety changes across the company in real-time”, he said.

McNab have made the app available to any company via free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, the app can then be customised for an individual company’s worksite via freely available QR codes.

“Improving safety is an industry-wide responsibility, so if this helps other companies other than McNab, then all the better”, he said.

The Look Out For Your Mates smartphone app was launched with the support of the Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF).

Paul O’Brien from the PBF said it’s about creating a cultural shift as well as developing tools to help.

“It’s good to see McNab focusing on creating a culture where you look out for your mates and don’t walk past potential hazards on a site”, he said.

“This heightened safety awareness, combined with tools like their new app, should help reduce injuries”.

PBF highlight the confronting reality of what can happen when workers are not proactively looking out for hazards, and provide first-hand stories of the lifelong impact of that a single workplace accident can have. Click here to find out more about PBF.