Food & Processing.



Nestle, Nippon Meats, Nolan Meats, Alphapharm, Volgren Manufacturing, JBD Coldstore, Swickers Bacon, Luv-a-duck.


Oakey Abattoir Nippon Meats, 30 projects $100m.

Detail: For over 20 years McNab have delivered in excess of 30 projects for Nippon Meats at their Oakey Abattoir. From minor projects through to state of the art refurbishments and boning room and kill floor expansions (pictured above), all projects were completed in a live 3000 head a day environment. Attention to detail on all projects has been critical to ensure stringent AQIS standards are met.


Oakey Abattoir Boning Room Nippon Meats, $12m.

Detail: Oakey Abattoir’s Boning and Amenities Room was a collaborative design involving the McNab design team, the client representatives and McVeigh Consultants. The design stage also included regular input from Marel, the Danish company supplying the processing line.  This facility consists of a 5,500m2 steel framed, insulated panel temperature controlled building which houses a customised 2,000 head‐a‐day processing line. The building is fitted with a food grade air‐conditioning unit that keeps the ambient temperature at 12C. The McNab project management team worked continuously with the client’s process equipment installer to ensure a seamless project delivery.   


Nolan Meats Distribution Centre, Boning Room and Packaging Facility Gympie, $10m.

Nolan Meats

Detail: This project represents the most significant building work undertaken at Nolan Meats Gympie. We have provided valuable design management, buildability input and construction services over over four stages. The 12m high 3300m2 distribution centre will house an Automated Sorting and Retrieval System (ASRS) facility, and an associated carton conveyor system.  The building incorporates carton palletising, chiller and freezer storage, plate freezers and a load-out facility.  The Dehumidifier Process Air Fan is VSD controlled, which allows remote access to direct the dehumidified air according to their refrigeration requirements.  


Alphapharm Packaging Plant, $6m.

Detail: This 1500m2 blister packaging pharmaceutical building is built over three levels using external precast walls and internal insulated paneling. The packaging plant was built to Clean Room ‐ PC2 Laboratory standards and involved high end mechanical requirements including pressurised environment to anti‐microbial standards with a HEPA filters and VESDA fire alarm system.  An outside air pre‐conditoner/dehumidifier unit was installed to provide conditioned air to five air conditioning units with variable frequency drives filtering into the packaging plant.   


Luv a Duck Cold Storage Hemmant, $5m. 

Detail: Featuring a large freezer room for the Luv‐A‐Duck product, the facility also houses 20 individual locker style freezer rooms for rent and use by local restaurateurs ‐ serviced by a drive in load up passage way.  The facility included integrated offices, cooking demonstration display kitchen, truck loading and unloading areas, subsurface heating, insulated panels and underground water storage.