Safety & systems.



We strive to be one of the safest contractors in Australia and are constantly focused on achieving 0 Lost Time Injuries across all our sites - a goal we achieved for 3 years and 4 million hours from 2012 - 2015.  In addition to implementing stringent site specific safety plans and risk mitigation, we focus on a proactive safety culture through initiatives such as:

  • 'Look out for your mates' near miss smartphone app and training in partnerships with the Paraplegic Benefit Fund. McNab were a finalist in the QLD Government Safe Work Awards for this initiative and importantly has increased important near miss reporting within the company.
  • Under 21 workers 'Tell Show Watch' - clearly identifying and providing extra support for our younger staff and subcontractors on site
  • 'Drive Safe Home Safe' - a focused journey management program
  • 'Healthy Workers' - health based education programs such as skin cancer, hydration, smoking and healthy eating habits



As a PQC 3 contractor with over 80% of projects sourced from repeat business, we understand the importance of handing over a defect free project. This is something that we proactively manage through stringent ITPs, and are closed out throughout the job rather than the week before handover.

Our site team, subcontractors, independent quality audit team, clients and consultants all have a login to the same defect management software (Procore), meaning every stakeholder on the project has centralised and 24/7 access to our defect closeout.

Our handover process also commences well before the practical completion date, so our team can fully understand and flexibly plan for our client's (and their end-user) requirements.



Our commitment to sustainable construction practices goes beyond our accreditation to ISO 1400:2004. We work with all stakeholders to identify and eliminate / minimise the risk of all environmental hazards via a site specific environmental plan, ongoing training and inductions. We also have a market leading Enviro and Renewable energy team available as required throughout the project.


Industrial Relations.

McNab have had no lost days as a result of industrial disputes in our company history. In addition to fair remuneration and benefits, we attract and retain our people through transparent people and subcontractor management processes and a proactive approach to creating a positive, collaborative and safe culture.